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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Top Stories Today

'It Won't Be Long': Why A Honduran Community Will Soon Be Under Water

Posted: 02 Aug 2019 07:21 AM PDT

Rising sea levels are destroying coastal towns in Honduras — and shrimp farms which export to the UK and US are making it worse.

How Leonardo DiCaprio And Quentin Tarantino Developed The Main Character In 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'

Posted: 01 Aug 2019 09:18 AM PDT

The director and star explain the character of Rick Dalton who represented an archetypical male leading man in the 1960s.

The Village That Lost Its Country

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 07:50 AM PDT

Turtuk was part of Pakistan until 1971, when the Indian army occupied the village during a border war along the Line of Control and never gave it back.

Kevin Bacon Reflects On The Iconic Roles That Made His Famous

Posted: 01 Aug 2019 11:46 AM PDT

The "Footloose" star reminisces on his most memorable performances on the silver screen.

A Night Under The Stars

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 07:50 AM PDT

A look at overnight stays at US National Parks.

The Milky Way Is Warped Around The Edges, New Star Map Confirms

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 06:47 AM PDT

If we could see it from outside, our home galaxy would not be a flat disk, but would look more like a poached egg sliding off a slotted spoon.

Seth Meyers Envisions The Best And Worst Case Scenarios For Democratic Contenders

Posted: 02 Aug 2019 06:12 AM PDT

"Bernie Sanders... worst case, he throws his arms up so hard they get stuck that way."

The Perils Of Reporting While Female

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 05:53 AM PDT

Trolls, death threats and constant harassment — the risky business of being a woman journalist in the social media era.

Shootings In El Paso And Ohio Leave At Least 29 Dead

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 06:47 AM PDT

The killings are the latest in a particularly brutal week for gun violence in the United States.

The Most Unglamorous Wedding Photos Ever, And More Of The Best Photography Of The Week

Posted: 02 Aug 2019 02:45 PM PDT

The forgotten "wolf children" of WWII, visualizing the poverty line and more best photos of the week.

Compete Against Your Friends To Build The Best City In '7 Wonders'

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 05:53 AM PDT

This highly strategic board game pits different ancient civilizations against each other to see who can build a city that can hold up the best over time.

Automate Everything With This Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 05:53 AM PDT

Automate small daily tasks and improve your work efficiency with this Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle: this 3-course bundle preps you for a career as a system administrator for just $19.

This Awesome Miniature Charcoal Grill Goes Anywhere

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 02:03 PM PDT

Tailgates, backyard BBQs and countless other outdoor cooking opportunities are yours for the taking if you have this handy portable grill.

How Some State Legislatures Are Trying To Make The Electoral College Irrelevant

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 12:32 PM PDT

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact could make the presidential candidate who earns the most votes the winner—without, proponents say, the need for a constitutional amendment.

People Are Calling For This Queer Indie Film To Be Canceled Before It Hits Theaters

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 11:45 AM PDT

Rhys Ernst's queer coming-of-age movie, Adam, was set to be an indie hit — then an online campaign started urging audiences to boycott it. What happened? (Spoilers.)

How Reddit Reacts To News Before All The Information Is Fully Known

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 12:16 PM PDT

Comedian Gus Johnson reenacts how the Reddit hivemind handles outrage on the internet.

U.S. Warned Sweden Of 'Negative Consequences' If A$AP Rocky Wasn't Released

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 11:58 AM PDT

The U.S. government warned Sweden of "negative consequences" as it advocated for rapper A$AP Rocky during his trial on assault charges in Stockholm this week, according to a pair of letters released by the Swedish Prosecution Authority and obtained by NBC News partner Aftonbladet.

Man Stops A Beach Ball In Its Tracks By Splashing An Incredible Wall Of Water

Posted: 02 Aug 2019 11:20 AM PDT

A man dodges a beach ball by creating a force field made out of water.

The Band That Defined — And Shed — The 'Next Radiohead' Label

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 11:58 AM PDT

How Travis, the band pegged as the next Radiohead and the next Oasis, defined the late-'90s era of Britpop — and ultimately ended up becoming musical royalty in their own right.

A Con Artist Promised Freedom. Prisoners' Families Paid The Price

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 10:24 AM PDT

A Texas con artist made millions promising prisoners' families the thing they wanted most: To bring their children home.

Pedestrians In New York City Look Frozen In Time With The Galaxy S10 Super Slow Motion Effect

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 09:33 AM PDT

People look completely frozen as a videographer records the hustle and bustle of New York City captured in stone on Galaxy S10's slo mo mode.

Gordon Ramsay Reenacts His Infamous 'Idiot Sandwich' Meme

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 10:48 AM PDT

The chef reenacted the meme as part of a pep talk for the Harlequins rugby team.

Watch This Rube Goldberg-esque Contraption Play 'Can-Can' With Ping Pong Balls

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 11:25 AM PDT

Using 213 ping pong balls to play "Can-Can" by Jacques Offenbach.

'I Wasn't Bluffing': M. Night Shyamalan Recalls 'Sixth Sense' Pitch and Frenzy That Followed

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 10:24 AM PDT

Twenty years after the psychological horror film became a blockbuster, the director, Haley Joel Osment and those close to the making of the project reflect on its legacy: "We went from 'Hey, this is a fun movie' to 'people are really taking this seriously.'"

Mitch McConnell Blocked An Election Security Bill So Ben Folds Wrote A Song About Him Called 'Moscow Mitch'

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 10:24 AM PDT

Singer Ben Folds has a little fun at the Kentucky Senator's expense.

Woman "Paints" An Extraordinary 3-D Portrait In Virtual Reality

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 09:10 AM PDT

Anna Zhilyaeva is a Virtual Reality artist who can create stunning virtual paintings.

The Disney Channel Put Together This Touching Tribute To Cameron Boyce

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 11:51 AM PDT

The star of Disney Channel's "Jessie" from 2011 to 2015 died last month from a complication of epilepsy.

Gaming's Fickle Relationship With Porn Is Holding Back Adult Content

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 09:33 AM PDT

Don't ask Sony or Nintendo because adult games are few and far between on their digital storefronts. But some of the most important moments in gaming history can be traced back to porn.

A Heartbreaking Loss: 'Tuca & Bertie' Gave Female Survivors An Example Of Healing

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 11:07 AM PDT

The now canceled show offered a unique and invaluable roadmap for survivors of trauma.

Nothing Is Worthy Of Holding Your Beloved Vinyl Collection, Except Maybe This

Posted: 31 Jul 2019 12:12 PM PDT

Symbol Audio bench-makes these AERO LP cabinets with as much care as you put into curating your collection.

You Want To Add One More Pocket Knife To Your Collection? Here Are Five Unboring Ideas

Posted: 19 Jul 2019 01:05 PM PDT

These knives are sharp, beautiful, and more useful than anything else in your pocket.

The Nice And Accurate Timekeeping Of Devon Works, Watchmakers

Posted: 02 Aug 2019 10:33 AM PDT

Devon Works makes the Tread 1A, an insane-looking watch that tells time with the help of intertwined belts.
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